Ben and Erin Napier Design Toddler Bed Rails for Daughter Helen's "New Big Girl Room"

"BTW, @Erinapier is my favorite woodshop helper and the only one I kiss behind the wide belt sander when no one's looking," quipped Ben.

Give us an excuse to get more of Ben and Erin Napier in our lives, and we're in faster than you can say "Laurel, Mississippi."

That's why we were so excited by the launch of Home Town: Ben's Workshop on the streaming network Discovery+ earlier this month, in which the woodworking wizard does his thing alongside special celebrity guests. Little did we know, however, to expect a special cameo from his wife, Erin Napier, working on a very meaningful project for their nearly three-year-old daughter, Helen.

Ben and Erin Napier sitting on steps
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

"I guess she got jealous of everyone else joining me in #BensWorkshop and came to help me design the toddler rails for Helen's @reidclassics bed. We will share pictures of her new big girl room and her 'Princess Beds' soon," wrote Ben in a recent Instagram post captioning three photos of Erin hard at work in the woodshop. Tugging our heartstrings just so, he added "BTW, @Erinapier is my favorite woodshop helper and the only one I kiss behind the wide belt sander when no one's looking."

Speaking of Reid Classics, tune into Home Town on HGTV this coming Sunday, January 24, to see Andrew Reid, the third generation owner of the Alabama-based heirloom furniture maker, work with his friend Ben on some amazing projects on the show.

"I was a fan of Andrew's work long before we became friends. We've been kicking around the idea of working on some projects together for about two years, but just couldn't get the stars to align," Ben told Southern Living of his buddy's appearance on the upcoming episode. "Getting to work on something within your craft with an expert you admire is an honor. The excitement I had of getting to work on a Reid Classics bed with Andrew Reid was tempered by the pressure I felt to build his family dinner table to the standard he would expect."

We'll be making a special note to peel ourselves away from Discovery+ to tune in for the HGTV episode. It's tough being a professional armchair home renovation pro.

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