We've got some ideas for stealing the nursey's look for our own library, office, or even bedroom.

Erin and Ben Napier of HGTV's Home Town
Credit: @erinapier

It's not every day that you walk into a nursery an adult would use for inspiration when designing his or her own bedroom. HGTV "Home Town" stars, Ben and Erin Napier, however, have manged to pull off the feat, creating a nursery for baby Helen that's as stylish as can be.

Earlier this week, Erin Napier, mama to Helen, who was born in January 2018, shared some photos of the inviting nursery to her fans on Instagram. Equal parts whimsical and chic, we especially love the handsome crib which was "built by her daddy's hands."

Here are a few ideas from the Napier's nursery we're looking forward to incorporating in our own homes.

1. The bold curtains.

Color energizes a room, but we often think the best place to add color is through furniture or by painting the walls. Here, the Napiers brighten a room with colorful floral curtains that really pop against the matte green walls.

2. The blue chair.

The denim-blue armchair with matching ottoman works wonderfully in baby Helen's nursery, but would be an equally appealing reading nook in a grown-up's bedroom.

3. The framed prints.

Sure, you could hang inspiring quotes or cute animals, but we love that the Napier's forewent the de facto nursery trimmings in favor of a set of framed vintage botanical prints, featuring a lemon tree and various flowers, which Erin had started collecting prior to Helen's birth.

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4. The white oak crib

Besides the fact that Ben the Woodworking Papa made the beautiful piece himself, it's a good reminder that we need more of this eye-catching wood with a practically golden glow in our lives.

5. The lamps over the cribs.

We love a good decorative wall lamp, and the antique vibe of these fits right in with the couple's 1925 home. This elegant addition may very well inspire an upgrade in our personal study.