Before you pick up that paint brush, take a peek at Behr's handy guide to this year's must-have hues, tones, and shades.

By Meghan Overdeep
June 28, 2018
Credit: Juice Images Ltd/Getty Images

Nothing can change the look (and value) of a home quite like a fresh coat of paint. But when it comes to the hottest color trends, it can be nearly impossible to keep up! Luckily, the folks over at MyDomaine consulted Behr Paint color expert Erika Woelfel, who was more than happy to reveal the most popular paint colors US homeowners picked for their décor projects over the last year.

According to Woelfel, upcoming trends to look out for are cool shades of green, rustic orange tones, saturated yellow hues, smokey blues, and dusty lilac purples. So before you pick up that paint brush, take a peek at Behr's handy guide to this year's must-have hues, tones, and shades:


To stay relevant, Woefel suggested trading in vivid blues for softer tones. She told MyDomaine that she sees deep, smokey blues and variations on indigo, denim, and navy taking over.

Our pick: Very Navy


Say goodbye to bold jungle-inspired hues. "The green color family is trending toward cool, spruce shades and mint and pistachio pastels as well as dark, edgy forest greens," advised Woefel.

Our pick: Brook Green


The new trend veers towards subtlety, and blurring the lines between red and orange. "Bright red-hot hues will give way to rustier versions with orange and brown undertones," according to Woefel.

Our pick: Fire Cracker


"Yellows are moving away from sunlit and subtle and toward deep, saturated shades," she told MyDomaine. "Expect to see both brassy green and warm orange versions in upcoming palettes."

Our pick: Honey Locust

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In the purple family you'll want to opt for organic wine-inspired shades and hues reminiscent of fresh lilac. "Popular purples now range anywhere from red-cast, wine-influenced tones to deep plums and light, dusty lilacs," she said.

Our pick: Dutch White


Woelfel told MyDomaine that she believes orange is having its moment right now. "Oranges are transitioning from sweet and tropical to burnt and brewed with a cast of red," she explained. "The lines will continue to blur between these two color families as orange continues its influence."

Our pick: Porcelain Peach