The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge includes rock formations throughout.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 24, 2018
Arkansas Cave Home
Credit: Courtesy

How does a cavernous home in the Ozark Mountains in Parthenon, Arkansas, complete with an indoor waterfall, maintenance barn, stables, an apartment, helicopter landing pad, and lake-fed-spring perched on 257 acres sound to you? Pretty spectacular, right? See for yourself here.

As it turns out, it sounds pretty darn appealing to many, many people since it was the most popular home on the giant real estate platform,, this week. "Built at the height of nuclear posturing between the United States and the USSR, this cave was designed to be a place to wait out the aftereffects of nuclear war," writes Claudine Zap on of the one-of-a-kind listing. "After tensions cooled, the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge has undergone a renovation that incorporates the rock formations into every space."

Currently, the one-time nightclub, fallout shelter, and private home is listed for $2,750,000. In addition to its incredible features, the property includes four bedrooms and four bathrooms in the main lodging, which boasts nearly 6,000-square-feet of space.

Arkansas Cave Home Dining Room
Credit: Courtesy

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