BBC America Is Devoting Two Whole Days a Week to 24/7 Nature Shows to Help Us Feel Calmer Right Now

Plus, they've created, so you can watch amazing animal videos whenever you want.

Kenya, Maasai Mara National Reserven Elephant (Loxodonta Africana)
Photo: Anup Shah / Getty Images

As we navigated through these uncertain times, we've all been looking for creative ways to lower our stress caused by the coronavirus crisis. We've toured virtual gardens across the South. We've teleported ourselves to national parks galore.

Now, we're grateful for another dose of nature as we remain safely at home, this time from the the television network BBC America. As Vulture reported, BBC America's recently launched Wonderstruck—TV programming reserved for documentaries about the natural world—will replace BBC America shows on Thursdays with content from this wildlife-and-nature-oriented channel. This comes in addition to the network's move in November to take over BBC America's Saturday lineup with Wonderstruck programming. On both of these days, tune in to BBC America for 24/7 nature shows to help make quarantine a little bit more bearable. Check out the announcement below.

In addition to the changes to the TV schedule, BBC America has debuted, a wonderful portal for shorter, nature-focused content specifically intended to help quell our nerves with categories like "Feeling Anxious," "Monkey Business," and "Need a Laugh." Warning: Once you start watching these videos, it will be hard to stop so make sure you do so when you have time for a proper break. For those of us working from home, you may want to set a timer.

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Well, we may have lost track of what day of the week it is, but we're definitely setting reminders on our calendars for Thursdays and Sundays to take some time to enter the majestic animal kingdom.

Share with us: How have you been finding moments of tranquility during this difficult time? We'd love to hear what shows, apps, and websites you've been enjoying.

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