Bay Dog Biscuits will be included in VIP gift bags this weekend.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 22, 2019
Melissa Thereliz/Getty Images

One Virginia Beach sensation will be making the rounds in Hollywood this weekend.

Bay Dog Biscuits are crafted with love in Virginia Beach by Blair Ellis, who originally started the company as a casual hobby — toting along some homemade biscuits for dogs to enjoy at a fireworks party on Chick's Beach.

Now, the grain-free biscuits will be showcased in gift bags at the Academy Awards this weekend. "I received an email from Celebrity Connected," Ellis told 13/ABC NewsNow. "And they invited me to participate in this gifting suite."

At first, Ellis was wary of the email, thinking it may be spam, but a conference call with Celebrity Connected quickly allayed her fears. For now, she's still making every biscuit from home in Virginia beach. Certainly, there's the potential that the Hollywood spotlight could change things for her burgeoning business.

Currently, you can buy the dog biscuits on in three flavors: "Chix Chicken" (chicken, pumpkin, and cheddar cheese), "Orange Fin" (salmon and carrots), and "Skippity-Doo-Dahs" (sweet potato, pumpkin, and peanut butter).

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