This small-town mystery has something for everyone.


The quintessential small-town drama is currently playing out on the streets of Batesburg-Leesville in South Carolina.

According to WLTX, it took town officials weeks to notice that a left-turn-only lane had magically appeared at the previously unmarked intersection of Pine Street and Highway 23. Most of Batesburg-Leesville's 5,400 residents also failed to notice that one of Pine Street's two lanes had transformed seemingly overnight.

When the new lane eventually came to the town's attention on Thursday, officials alerted residents via Facebook.

"Please note that the north bound lane of Pine Street at HWY 23 has changed" the Town of Batesburg-Leesville wrote dutifully alongside a photo of the new configuration. "The left lane is now a Left Turn ONLY and the Right is the THRU lane. We ask all drivers to please use caution at the interchange while we adjust to the new driving pattern."

Overall, residents seemed to respond positively to the change—once they were aware of it. "That's good!" one wrote, while another replied, "Hallelujah!!! Now to finish the rest of them!"

But less than 24 hours later, the town returned to Facebook with an update nobody saw coming. It turns out that the lane nobody noticed was not only created illegally, it's unclear who made it.

"This change was not designed or approved by SCDOT," the follow-up post revealed. "SCDOT crews are on site this morning to make the necessary changes to restore the previous traffic pattern. At this point, we are unable to determine who installed the unapproved traffic markings. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this has caused."

SCDOT's haphazard remedy seems to only make a ridiculous situation even more ridiculous. A photo shows that the crews simply slapped a straight arrow onto the illegal one to restore the option drivers previously had on the road.

Too funny, y'all!