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Jenna Bush Hager and her twin Barbara Pierce Bush may have some differences, but they've shared one very important similarity from a young age: the love of books.

In a recent episode of the TODAY show, co-host and Southern Living editor-at-large, Jenna Bush Hager chatted with her sister in her "Open Book" segment about all things reading. During the interview, Jenna asks one very heated question: If she could have dinner with some of her favorite characters from books, who would attend?

With hardly skipping a beat, Barbara replies, "Jo from Little Women," to which Jenna retorts she'd be sitting right next to Jo. "I'll be seated on her other side!" retorts Barbara, before the duo erupt into laughter. "I also loved the book Mountains Beyond Mountains [by Tracy Kidder]. which is about a real-life human, so Dr. Paul Farmer," she continues, with Jenna joking that he's Barbara's friend so she could already, in fact, have dinner with him.

To add to the table's seating chart, Jenna suggests inviting Wilbur and Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. "Yeah that's so sweet, I'd love them to be there. Let's include them," replies Barbara, adding "maybe Max from In the Night Kitchen [by Maurice Sendak]." In the interview, the two also discuss Barbara's must-read books, what she enjoys reading to her nieces (Jenna's children), and her thoughts on why reading is such a magical pastime.

Watch the full interview below (to fast forward to the part about her imaginary literary dinner party, head to the 3:10 mark).

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Now, time to start plotting our own imaginary dinner party. We know we'd have some Southern characters in the mix for our special evening.  Share with us: Who would gather around your dinner table?