Keep it classy, golf fans.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
April 04, 2018
Tony Roberts/Getty Images

Golf is often referred to as a "gentleman's sport." It is a game of decorum, played in an orderly fashion by men and women in Polo shirts and freshly ironed trousers. But that doesn't mean that the game of golf is completely exempt from the bad behavior of an unruly fan or two.

If you've watched a tournament lately, it's quite common to see Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods poised to putt the ball for a birdie only to have focus broken by shouts of "Dilly, Dilly!"

But heckler be warned. As the golf world heads South to descend upon the historic grounds of Augusta National Golf Club for the 2018 Masters Tournament this week, this storied Southern club has declared that they will not tolerate rude behavior.

Bryce Ritchie of Bunkered Online has reported that a member of Augusta's security team told him that the staff has a list of phrases that will be prohibited during the competition. Any spectators caught hollering the forbidden phrases will be "removed" right away. Ritchie said that "Dilly, Dilly" is on the list.

Other possible banned sayings might include "get in the hole," or "baba booey," which both are often shouted by rowdy fans along the green. There have been several incidents in recent months where fans were ejected from the grounds for shouting at players or a player's wife.

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We fully support this move by Augusta. Mama taught us to have better manners!