"Spread a little love each day."

Being a single mother has presented plenty of challenges for Amy Houck, but she's never let anything distract her from raising her five-year-old daughter Jade to be a kind and selfless person.

Houck wasn't surprised when little Jade insisted on leaving dandelions on the front steps of their neighbors' homes over the weekend, but she was proud. She recorded her daughter's adorable mission and shared it on social media.

"If anyone in #Baltimore got flowers on their doorstep, my daughter insisted everyone ‘would be so happy' if they had a flower," Houck, who lives in Baltimore, wrote alongside the video. "Spread a little love each day, may we all be like Jade."

Houck told WMAR that moments like this aren't uncommon with Jade.

"She loves to give love to others, one time the electricity repair man was at our house all dirty and she looked at him, ran over and hugged his dirty work pant leg! And he goes 'I needed that'. She is very sensitive to others."

Kindness is a skill Houck says she was taught as a little girl, and she feels it's important that she passes it along to her daughter.

"It makes me feel so happy! She has so much joy in her heart! My mother taught me to be like this and I taught her. It's amazing that she gets it. We have a saying in our family, above all things, be kind."