Happy 1,080th day of teaching, Mr. Lee!
Teacher Back to School Sign
Credit: Facebook/Rebecca Lee

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lee's social media timelines were flooded with sweet photos of children holding "back to school" signs. Inspired by their popularity, the witty North Carolina mom had an idea. Instead of her one-year-old daughter—who is too young for school, anyway—she'd have her husband Tyrelle, a teacher at Southeast Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, pose for a parody of the omnipresent photo.

Not surprisingly, Jennifer's snap of an unimpressed-looking Tyrelle holding a sign announcing his "1,080th day of teaching," quickly went viral on Facebook.

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The hilariously honest sign also shares that he is 32 years old, that his favorite color is "Gator orange" and that interests include football, chicken wings and Vans shoes. The best part of the sign, however, is the bottom left corner, which reads plainly, "I can't believe my wife made me do this."

"I told him a few days beforehand that I was making him a sign and he was going to take a ‘first day of school' photo. He said ‘Okay,' but I don't think he took me seriously," Jennifer told People. "When he actually saw the sign, he laughed, but still didn't think I was going to make him actually take a picture to post."

"He's laid back, so he went ahead and did it even though he wasn't completely thrilled!" she added.

We wish sure hope Mr. Lee has a great new school year!