What do you think of the trend?

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 15, 2019
Newborn Baby Girl
Credit: Catherine Delahaye/Getty Images

Goodnight Moon. Goodnight Star(s). Goodnight Air.

We're not simply quoting from Margaret Wise Brown's timeless children book. We're offering up some baby names which you may very well hear more frequently in the coming year.

As Good Housekeeping recently shared, baby girl names inspired by nature are on the rise: "BabyCenter...tracks the interest in names among its users, and it found that...anything inspired by nature is becoming more popular," writes Marisa LaScala. "This includes food names: Kale is up 35%, Kiwi is up 40%, Maple is up 32%, and Clementine is up 15%. On top of that, names like Dawn, Aurora, and Rainbow have also seen an increase in popularity on the site." Along with Dawn and Aurora, we wouldn't be surprised if 2020 ushers in a wave of Moons and Stars and Airs, too.

In addition to this spike in naming baby girls after things in the natural world, naming girls after birthstones is having a moment, as well. What do you think of both trends?

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For now, we think we'll stick to the classics. But Kiwi Maple Sapphire makes for a heck of a pen name.