If only we had a photographer around when we first tasted fried chicken.

Baby Eating Fried Chicken
Credit: Traci Lynn Photography

The internet is filled with websites claiming that this puppy stealing baby toys or this tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito is the cutest thing you'll see today. We have clicked on those stories plenty of times and been rewarded with a pretty darn cute picture. This time, though, when we tell you that these photos of a baby trying fried chicken for the very first time are the cutest thing that you will see today, we really mean it.

The photos star eight-month-old Texan Johnny Garcia, whose genius parents Bianca Garza and Juan Garcia, wanted a glossy photo shoot of their son with a few of his favorite things. Like many a good Southerner one of Johnny's favorite things is food.

That lead to Garza and Garcia bringing fried chicken and more to the Mabank, Texas studio of professional photographer Traci Lynn Fugitt, who ran with the idea. Soon enough little Johnny was tucked inside a soup pot, wearing a chef's toque, and trying his first ever bite of fried chicken. "When he was trying to eat the chicken, he was smacking his lips," Garza told TODAY. Of course, no fried chicken feast is complete without a biscuit, so Johnny got to try one of those, too.

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While many eight-month olds wouldn't be able to chomp on a drumstick, Johnny's mom swears he's well equipped. "He's eight months old, but you'd think he was three with all his teeth," she told TODAY. While many parents have pictures of their kids gnawing on a drumstick, this was not captured on a cell phone photo, but in beautiful glossy color. Next they just need a photo of him sipping sweet tea or trying his first crawfish boil. Maybe for his first birthday?