Things really are bigger here!
Texas Flag
Credit: leekris/Getty Images

They aren't kidding when they say that everything is bigger in Texas.

A new study of home sizes across the country by LendingTree found that everything really is bigger in the Lone Star state, and that includes houses.

Three Texas cities—Austin, Dallas and Houston— landed among the top five of LendingTree's report ranking home sizes in major U.S. cities. (It's also worth noting that seven of the ten cities were in the South.)

With a median home size of 1,952 square feet, Houston claimed the top spot. Here, the median home value is $196,000, and the cost per square foot is a modest $100. Dallas, with a median size of 1,862 square feet, took the fourth spot, followed closely by Austin, where the median home size is a comparable 1,861 square feet. But, with a median home value of $283,000 compared to Dallas' $217,000, Austin will cost you.

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LendingTree credited Texas' expanding population to growing home sizes across the state.

"Besides having a lot of space, Texas has been adding new residents at a steady pace, with the nation's largest annual population growth between 2010 and 2016," the report reads. "More new homes means larger homes."

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