With an average ring costing $9,225, it's second only to California in the entire country.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 13, 2018
Engagement Ring Proposal
Credit: Tom Merton/Getty Images

We could spend all day swooning for Mamaw's vintage gemstones or Meghan Markle's classic engagement ring. While you can't put a price on royal sparklers or family heirlooms, wedding industry whizzes and jewelry companies regularly look at how much Americans spend on the iconic rock.

For 2017, The Knot's Real Weddings Study of more than 14,000 engaged or recently married individuals found that Americans spend an average of $6,351 on an engagement ring. For a more granular picture, Business Insider asked Ritani, an online diamond retailer, for their engagement ring average cost breakdown on a state-by-state-basis.

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California secured the number one spot with an average spend of $10,241. Trailing close behind in second was The Tar Heel State, with an average engagement ring coming to $9,225. In addition to North Carolina, Washington D.C. and South Carolina made the top five.

Below, see a full list of the average amount every state in the South spends on engagement rings, ranked from the least amount of money to the most—the number that precedes each state represents their overall place in the entire country.

48. West Virginia: $4,352

47. Mississippi: $4,772

43. Kentucky: $5,170

39. Maryland: $5,972

37. Tennessee: $6,116

36. Louisiana: $6,294

32. Virginia: $6,329

29. Oklahoma: $6,584

23. Arkansas: $6,971

22. Georgia: $7,059

19. Missouri: $7,467

16. Alabama: $7,521

12. Florida: $8,022

8. Texas: $8,194

7. Delaware: $8,403

5. South Carolina: $8,599

4. Washington, DC: $8,695

2. North Carolina: $9,225

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