See the viral yearbook photo that's taking over the Internet.

Southern Living High School Teacher Corgi
Southern Living High School Teacher Corgi
| Credit: Lisa_Nagorskaya/Getty Images

One inspiring Texas high school teacher is bringing a whole lot more than term papers and pop quizzes to his Austin classroom.

Much to the delight of his students, each day Ken is accompanied by his adorable lady corgi named Banjo. And now, thanks to his friend Sophie Vershbow and the power of social media, Ken and Banjo are spreading joy far beyond the confines of their AP English classes.

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Recently, Vershbow shared Ken and Banjo's absolutely delightful yearbook photo on Twitter. Not surprisingly, the Internet could barely contain its adoration for the duo, and in just a few days, Vershbow's tweet had been shared more than 69,000 times and raked in nearly 300,000 likes.

Honestly, it's our new favorite thing. Seriously, how cute is this pair?

Southern Living High School Teacher Corgi Yearbook
Credit: Sophie Vershbow/Twitter

What we wouldn't give to be in that classroom, y'all!