The Owners of the Only House Next to Augusta National Aren't Interested in the Golf Club's Millions

“Money ain't everything.”

Augusta National has spent the past two decades buying up the property around its borders, purchasing more than 100 properties across 270 acres by offering owners prices that were too good to refuse.

According to, the golf club spent more than $40 million to bulldoze the neighborhood once sat across from Gate 6-A at the Masters—save for one unassuming brick house that no amount of money can buy.

Herman and Elizabeth Thacker built the three-bedroom home at 1112 Stanley Road in 1959. The first time Augusta National approached them about buying the house where they raised their two children, the Thackers flatly refused. Not even seven figures could sway the couple.

"Money ain't everything," Herman told in 2016.

Augusta National
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It's a principle that the storied golf club, which turns its back on millions of dollars each year to preserve the authenticity of the Masters Tournament, can surely respect.

But that hasn't stopped them from trying to convince the Thackers. Every time the man representing Augusta National visits, they invite him inside.

"He'll come by here every so often and he'll say, 'Just want to let you know we're still interested in your property,'" Herman said. "And we'll tell him the same thing again."

The house, which is about 1,900 square feet and sits on about two-thirds of an acre, currently has an estimated value of $378,000, according to Zillow.

The Thackers, who are well into their 80s, like living near the famous golf course. It's only crowded and noisy during the Master's tournament. Otherwise it's a quiet, beautiful place to live. Plus, they can walk to the green.

The couple knows that one day Augusta National will own their house, but not now, and not as long as they're alive. 1112 Stanley Road is still not for sale.

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