6 Things That Are Always Cheaper in August

The time is now for the best deals.

Back to school season is here and summer is nearing its end. If your savings have taken a major hit with purchasing school supplies and hosting all those backyard bashes this season, we have good news for you: now is the time to score incredible deals on those big-ticket items you've been coveting for the past three months. Oh, and also to save for that long-overdue girls' getaway you've been dying to take this year. Here are six things that are always more affordable in August.

Lawn mower
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Lawn Mowers

You've only got a couple of months left to maintain that well-manicured lawn. Once the weather gets colder, grass won't grow nearly as quickly as it does during summer. Retailers know this, and stores will need to make room for their fall merchandise. That John Deere self-propelled mower you've had your eyes on since April? Well, you could cash in on discounts up to 20 percent off in August.


As farmers' market season is winding down, August is the best time to scoop up a bushel of fleshy, ripe tomatoes, especially the heirloom variety.


Tech-savvy? Back-to-school season is the perfect time to purchase a new computer or laptop, where prices are reduced by as much as 25 percent in August to make them more affordable for students. Head to Best Buy for the best deal—the electronics giant even offers price matching.

Summer Attire

Remember that girlfriend getaway we mentioned earlier? Well, at least you'll have the wardrobe part covered, since swimsuits, sunhats, and espadrilles are on sale this month. Typically, stores overhaul warm-weather shoes and clothing up to six weeks in advance to make room on the sales floor for their winter stock. August is the prime month to scour the clearance racks of your favorite department stores to save up to 60 percent on bathing suits, shorts, sundresses, and tank tops.

Patio Equipment

Looking for furniture for your porch and outdoor deck to enjoy next season? Prices on patio furniture, pool equipment, and outdoor accessories will drop by 50 to 70 percent in late August and early September. Again, the closer it gets to fall, the more retailers need the space to house their winter products, which means you can expect to cash in on plenty of clearance sales and markdowns.


Of course, once your child starts kindergarten, he or she will definitely need a backpack for all of their supplies, books, and homework. Oh, and you'll definitely need one to take on that fall excursion. Fortunately, in August, you'll notice markdowns and special discounts on different brands, like these selections from Lands' End.

Knowing when to buy can go a long way toward saving big bucks, and the end of the season (e.g., summer) presents the perfect opportunity to score the best bargains.

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