"It's my job to combat the bad and restore the good."

As we all navigate through these difficult days during the coronavirus crisis, we're also feeling extra grateful for all the little examples of kindness we've seen sweep through our towns, our cities, our world.

Today, we're feeling particularly moved by the selfless work of Atlanta police investigator Keith Backmon, whom we recently read about in the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After learning that five students in the community he patrols were struggling to do school work remotely without the proper tools, Backmon stepped up to use the hazard pay he's collecting for working during the coronavirus outbreak to buy Amazon tablets for the children to use for their schoolwork and $30 to use towards paying for internet service.

“I don’t take my job lightly,” he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Raisa Habersham. “People who know me as an officer and personally know that I love people and put them first.” On top of his job with the police department, Backmon also works part-time as a security guard at the Villas at Lakewood, one of the buildings where he distributed the items and funds to students in need.

“You have a lot of crime in that area and sometimes these kids get caught up and they see a lot of bad things going on,” he said of the Southeast Atlanta communities he serves. “It’s my job to combat the bad and restore the good.”

Beyond this timely gesture, Backmon has long been an outstanding member of society, whether he was creating programs to reward students for superb academic grades when he was a police officer in South Carolina or serving as a mentor to elementary school kids in East Point, Georgia.

Atlanta Police Department Students 2
Credit: Atlanta Police Department

Based on the beautiful smiles we see in these pictures, it's clear that Backmon's act of kindness made a big difference for those who were on the receiving end of his generosity.

Remember, you may only be one person but the ripple effect each and every small act of helping others has on the larger community can be hugely influential. Thank you for the reminder, Officer Backmon.