"It's cute and sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time."

Every winter for the past three years, Juliet the Canada goose and her mate rode out the cold weather with their flock in the parking center of an Atlanta shopping complex. Here, the geese—who mate for life—nested and raised their young. The feathered family enjoyed a normal, happy life until earlier this year when Juliet's mate was tragically killed by a car.

Heart-broken, Juliet couldn't bring herself to leave with the flock. Instead, she remained in the spot where her love was killed. The Dodo reports that for three months the grieving goose wandered the same sidewalk, waiting for her partner to return.

"It's cute and sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time," one observer told WGCL-TV Atlanta.

At a loss, the landlord of the shopping center told employees not to feed or give water to Juliet, hoping she would decide to go away on her own. To the dismay of the entire community, the poor goose remained.

Luckily, earlier this month Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE), a local wildlife rescue organization, swooped in to save the day. Finally, Juliet was brought to a rescue center where she'd receive the love and care she so desperately needed.

"Juliet has only been here a couple of days, so we're still making sure her physical condition is good," Scott Lange, executive director of AWARE, told The Dodo. "Once we're comfortable that it is, we'll begin work on reintroducing her to other geese."

To the delight of everyone, Juliet was recently introduced to a male goose, who been at the center recovering from a broken wing. Although he can never take the place of her first love, rescuers say she seems pretty happy to have a new friend.

"So far, so good," Lange told The Dodo. "If they continue to get along, we'll eventually release them together."