You'll get 'em next time, New England!

By Meghan Overdeep
July 11, 2018
Beetlecat Lobster Roll
Credit: Facebook/BeetleCat

New England no longer has the market cornered on lobster rolls, y'all!

Earlier this week, the Maine-based Down East magazine announced that the winner of their annual "World's Best Lobster Roll" competition is executive chef Andrew Isabella of BeetleCat—in Atlanta.

Chefs from as far away as France competed in the friendly competition, but in the end, it was Isabella's skills with the beloved crustacean, honed far below the Mason-Dixon, that proved superior—smack dab in the heart of lobster country to boot!

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Isabella's mouth-watering roll, which was filled with fresh Maine Lobster meat and served on a buttery toasted slider bun, earned him top marks and a check for $1,000. The event reportedly drew more than 400 people who were able to sample all 10 rolls and vote electronically. Isabella will also be featured on a page in Down East magazine.

Congrats to chef Isabella and the BeetleCat team!