"I don't what the secret sauce is, but I want some of it."
Hattie Jones
Credit: Courtesy WUSA9

Only Hattie Jones could make being 99 years old look like a walk in the park.

Jones, who turns 100 in September, not only still drives and exercises every day, she also still works. The spritely senior has been the coat checker at Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, for about 40 years—since she retired from IBM. And she doesn't plan on retiring again anytime soon.

Army Navy Country Club general manager Patrick King told WUSA9 that Jones' personality is infectious.

"She has more energy than somebody half her age. She's unbelievable. I don't what the secret sauce is, but I want some of it," he said.

Jones has three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren, but being a great grandma hasn't stopped her from breaking it down on the dancefloor. Dancing is one of her favorite things, and she has the flexibility to prove it.

"I just bring them [arms] over my head and touch the wall," Jones told WUSA9 of her daily exercise routine.

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Her youngest son Clarence McGill, 69, believes that staying active may be his mother's fountain of youth. He also admitted that "it's impossible" to keep up with his mother.

"She's very sassy. If you will," McGill told WUSA9. "She has a character that will not allow giving up.

Go get ‘em, Miss Hattie!