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By Meghan Overdeep
December 07, 2017
Gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery with Christmas Wreaths
Credit: SAUL LOEB / Staff/ Getty Images

Every holiday season for the past 25 years, Wreaths Across America volunteers have placed wreaths on the tombstones of fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.

It's a tradition run by an organization whose mission is to "remember our fallen U.S. veterans, honor those who serve, and teach children the value of freedom." This year, on December 16th, volunteers plan to place a wreath each of Arlington's 400,000 tombstones, saying the name of each soldier as they go.

Except this year, the donation-based nonprofit is concerned they won't have enough wreaths to go around—not by a long shot. According to Fox, they're reportedly facing a shortage of 25,000 wreaths.

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"When we walk the rows of Arlington Cemetery, they're not necessarily well-known names," Bre Kingsbury, of Wreaths Across America, told Fox News. "You know, movies haven't been ... made about their lives, books haven't been written. These are just ... hardworking, honest Americans that decided to step up and do something that was bigger than themselves."

Kingsbury continued: "So when they make that ultimate sacrifice, we think it's time for the American people to stand up and make sure their legacy and ... their service is honored and respected."

To donate a wreath ($15 each) or volunteer, visit