“Now that’s the true heart of a nurse who loves her patients and what she does!”

Most days, Destiny Rogers is hooked up to medical equipment, receiving lifesaving medications in her home in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

"I have a very rare disorder called MALS," Rodgers told KLRT. "I am typically on an IV every day just for my fluids and the vitamins I need."

When Hot Springs Village saw nearly a foot of snow last Monday, Rodgers became worried that her nurse, Patsy Lewis, wouldn't be able to make it to her from her home Benton, roughly 30 miles away.

"We live on one of the steepest hills in the Village," Rodgers told the local news station. "I could wind up in the hospital so fast if Patsy doesn't do these visits because what she does ultimately keeps me from being in the hospital as much as I used to be."

Patsy Lewis
Credit: Destiny Rodgers

But Patsy wasn't about to let the weather stop her from seeing her patients. She and her husband Jay loaded up his truck and set out in the middle of the historic storm. When the truck wasn't able to make it up the hill leading to Rodgers' house, they couple hiked a mile uphill in the snow to get to her.

"I was going to make it up there to see her no matter what," Patsy told KLRT.

Rodgers wrote about Patsy's selfless gesture on Facebook alongside a photo of her snowy journey.

"The love of a nurse is shown in the big and little things. Sometimes, it's doing big things just to ensure all of the little things get done," she wrote. "Like my nurse literally walking up a mountain and then back down in the below freezing temps and in the thick snow just to ensure my port was re-accessed, my lines were flushed, my labs were drawn, my vitals were taken, my IV fluids were started, and then, of course, the time she takes to talk to with me to ensure everything is okay.

"Now that's the true heart of a nurse who loves her patients and what she does!" Rodgers added.