The wild shake is coming for you this June.

Liger Shake
Credit: Instagram @arbys

Arby's saw Starbucks' Unicorn and Pink Pegasus Frappuccinos and decided to one-up them with a manlier version that fits in with their meat-heavy menu. Unicorns don't pair well with Arby's roast beef, apparently. "Despite rumors of magical skills, the liger is a very real and breathtaking beast," Arby's says in their announcement.

The chain's new Liger shake, named after the tough-as-nails offspring of a male lion and a female tiger, was created from an equally unique blend of two of Arby's milkshake flavors—Orange Cream and Ultimate Chocolate. The orange-and-brown ombré shake is then poured into a cup that that was striped with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce giving it a unique liger-like look.

While Starbucks has opted to name its limited edition Frappuccinos after mythical creatures, Arby's purposefully sought out a real animal and the liger fit the bill, perhaps as a nod to the movie Napoleon Dynamite, where the main character frequently ligers and talked about their magical powers. "Despite rumors of magical skills, the liger is a very real and breathtaking beast," the Atlanta-based chain notes in their press release.

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The new drink is available throughout the month of June and while ligers are tough (and liger shakes sound delicious) we're still banking on the S'mores Frappuccino besting it in a fight—or whatever milkshake Waffle House comes up with when they inevitably join the fray.