Part of the proceeds from the culinary event will go to a charity in the city of the winning football team.
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Credit: David Madison / Getty Images

Ready for some football this Sunday? As the country gears up for Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two Southern chefs are firing things up in the kitchen.

Chef Douglas Rodriguez of Hotel Haya in Tampa, Florida, and Chef Ian Wortham of Crossroads Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, are swapping signature menu items this week, with part of the proceeds from the dishes going to a charity in the city of the winning football team — Feeding Tampa Bay in Tampa or Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City. Both chefs' hotels are part of the Aparium Hotel Group.

Chef Wortham will bring a taste of Missouri's barbecue culture to The Sunshine State's Hotel Haya with a pulled pork barbecue sandwich, rigatoni alla gricia, and a smoked cherry old fashioned. Chef Rodriguez, meanwhile, will infuse Crossroads' Hotel menu with his Nuevo Latino culinary flair with a Cuban sandwich, tuna and watermelon ceviche (see below!), and a Painkiller cocktail.

"The properties within the Aparium Hotel Group enjoy a great relationship and are always looking for creative ways to work together to highlight their amazing offerings. Having properties in both Tampa and Kansas City that distinctly represent their cities, it was natural to play into the rivalry of Super Bowl LV while providing a platform to give back to charities that play an essential role in supporting their communities," said Michael Kitchen, partner at the Aparium Hotel Group, in a company press release.

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We know it might not be kickoff time quite yet, but we could sure go for that ceviche washed down with an old fashioned right about now. Who's with us?