Talk about a role model, y'all!

Last week, 92-year-old Annie Dillard from Columbia, South Carolina, earned her fourth college degree. This time, it's in an associate's degree in Art.

Dillard, the oldest graduate in Midlands Technical College history, was three hours early for the graduation ceremony at Midlands Technical College last Wednesday night.

"It feels wonderful," she told WLTX.

Dillard owns her own hair salon, but a few years ago she said she started to yearn for something more. That's when she decided to go back to college and study liberal arts. She told WLTX that learning keeps her mind sharp, and she hopes that her tenacity will inspire others.

"I've known Mrs. Dillard for a number of years, almost since she's started at the college and I've been really, really pleased with her progress," Ronald Rhames, President of Midlands Technical College told the station. "She would be on campus always smiling, always willing to talk with people."

And she's not done. Two weeks from today, Dillard says she's starting school to earn another degree in early childhood education.

"So I don't have any rest at all," she said.

"Are you ok with that?" WLTX asked.

"Oh yeah," replied Dillard. "Only the strong survive."