Yup, that's exactly what we though for Kristy, too.
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As pre-teens, we devoured Ann M. Martin's The Baby-Sitters Club series so eagarly it was almost as if we were an honorary fifth member of the BSC. Now, we can relive the tween fun by tuning into Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club series, which just got renewed for a second season.

Recently, Martin caught up with TODAY with Hoda & Jenna show co-host Jenna Bush Hager for her "Open Book" segment and we were particularly interested in Martin's predictions for what the ladies from Stoneybrook would be up to now. Inspired by the likes of Doctor Doolittle, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz, and Roald Dahl books, Martin's books captivated a generation of young girls growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, and Bush Hager was among the proud ranks of fans, revealing that she and her sister Barbara even started their own babysitting club. After fangirling for a few minutes, Bush Hager then asks the celebrated author: "I've wondered where are they now, 'cuz they'd be probably about my age, maybe slightly older. Where do you see these wonderful, entrepenuerial women?" Ready for the scoop?

First, Martin shares that she sees Kristy "being in charge of something, perhaps...a big non-profit." To which Bush Hager jokes, "she could run the country!", before Martin moves onto Claudia, revealing that she'd be working with her art, then she says that Stacey would be working in fashion ("but I also see her handling the business end of things"), and finally that Mary Anne might still be residing in Stoneybook, "possibly as a teacher." Beyond the original four, she also predicts that Mallory would be a writer, Jessi a dancer or choreographer, and Dawn "is out there still trying to save the planet."

When asked if she'd write a "where are they now" book, Martin says she's never written for adults so she's "not quite comfortable" with the idea, and leaving it up in the air for now, much to our dismay. Watch the full video below.

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Well, it's official, we think our weekend calls for dusting off our old book jackets and cuddling up with a hot mug of tea and catching up with some of our favorite fictional characters. First up is Kristy's Great Idea, of course. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, on deck!