Paw right, y'all.

Georgia Tinder Dog
Credit: Courtesy Animal Ark Rescue

Last week, we met Henry the Great, Ree Drummond's beautiful new puppy. This week, we've become acquainted with another winsome Henry. This fella, however, is yet to find a happy home — but Tinder may very well be his passport to adoption.

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World: Meet Henry of Animal Ark Rescue in Columbus, Georgia. Thanks to the shelter's canine behavior and enrichment coordinator, Miranda Morrison, the sweet dog is getting a shot at finding his new humans. His Tinder profile, which lists his occupation as "Doggo at The Good Boy Corporation" and an "Obedience School Graduate" has been up since December 29th, reports TODAY. While he's yet to find his future family through the popular (human) dating app, Morrison is hopeful he'll find his new home through Tinder, the shelter, or even the buzz his dating profile has generated.

Here's a bit more about the playful four-legged friend: "Henry LOVES other dogs and is a playgroup Rock STAR! He is always down for an adventure and loves to explore the great outdoors, go on a car rides, and get in the water. Henry has been on several sleep-overs and outings," a Facebook post reads, accompanying a video of Henry in action. "He seems to be housebroken and gets along well with other dogs in the home. This social butterfly would love a home with other dogs and lots of toys to play with. Does he sound like the hound for you?"

His foster mom, Miranda, meanwhile, has rave things to say about the dog, who has been with the shelter since February, 2015 . "I love him so much! We walked on the river walk and met lots of dogs (he did great!), went to the Cannon and ate on the patio and he was very well behaved and got some sweet potato waffle fries as a reward! He is definitely an adventure dog. Loves a good car ride, hike, or trip to the water. He would make an excellent travel companion or hiking buddy," she begins. "After a long day of adventuring Henry likes to come home and play with his toys in the living room. Squeaky toys and tennis balls (or squeaky balls) are his favorite. He likes a gentle game of fetch. When Henry gets tired he loves to cuddle up on the couch with his human and watch TV." Sounds good to us, Hank.