Amy Grant Shares Powerful Update Following Open Heart Surgery

"Prayer changes everything."

Amy Grant
Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Ten days after undergoing open-heart surgery to correct a heart condition, singer Amy Grant took to social media with an update on her "miraculous" recovery.

In her message, Grant, 59, thanked her friends and fans for their prayers and compared the experience to being "a non-runner who was signed up for a marathon."

"As people heard about the surgery, I started getting messages: 'I'm praying for you' …'I'm praying for you.' People I worked with decades ago, people who have come to my concerts or listen to my music, my work family, people on social media, and my own friends and family all offered their prayers," the Georgia native wrote on Instagram alongside a series of post-op photos. "And now, ten days later, I just want to say, from the moment I went to the hospital, if it really were a marathon race, I felt like I got into that runners block and as soon as it was time for the race to start there was this massive West Texas wind at my back... just pushing me through. Even stuff I was really scared about felt like nothing more than just a deep breath and something supernatural pushed me through it."

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Grant concluded the post with a call to action and a reminder about the power of prayer.

"My recovery has honestly felt miraculous" she wrote. "And so, I want to say thank you to each person who said a prayer for me. Prayer changes everything. Let's keep those prayers going for our country and let's turn all the brokenness into love and seeing each other. I love you."

Well said, Amy.

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