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By Perri Ormont Blumberg
November 02, 2018
Credit: Courtesy Amtrak

Heading down to Florida for the fall and winter season and need your car? You'd be hard-pressed to find a more efficient (and more scenic!) way to travel than by Amtrak's Auto Train.

The Auto Train's Virginia-to-Florida non-stop service — which toasted its 35th anniversary this week — allows passengers to check their cars, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, and small boats or jet-skis onto the train before embarking from Lorton, Virginia (outside of Washington, D.C.) to Sanford, Florida (or the reverse route).

Credit: Courtesy Amtrak

Of course, you'll avoid traffic jams along I-95 and the hassle of airport travel and enjoy the old-school allure of an overnight train ride with modern conveniences like Wi-Fi. The train departs daily from both the Florida and Virginia stations and takes approximately 17-and-a-half hours. If desired, you can also buy Priority Vehicle Offloading to expedite the vehicle offloading process at the end of your trip. Take a peek of the adventure that awaits in the short video clip below.

Guests can choose from coach seating — super-wide seats with plenty of legroom and electrical outlets — or splurge for either a bedroom with a private restroom and shower, or a roomette with a restroom and shower facilities nearby. There's also special accommodations for families with small children and those with special needs. Dinner and a continental breakfast are included in the price of all Auto Train tickets, regardless of what class of tickets you purchased.

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Fun fact: The Auto Train is the longest passenger train in the world with two locomotives and 40+ passenger rail cars and vehicle carriers. Oh, the places we will go...and the people we will meet!

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