About time.
Smart Luggage American Airlines
Credit: DANIEL SLIM/Getty Images

Earn American Airlines miles simply by complaining. No, we're not kidding. Volume controls on your seatback entertainment system not working? Out of bloody mary mix? Seat won't recline? Well, for once, you're in luck.

American Airlines is kicking off a new program this month to award passengers with on-the-spot miles next time they encounter a service issue on a flight. Now, flight attendants will be able to help make right on minor inconveniences by giving customers these miles in real-time, when previously individuals had to file a complaint later. As Texas Monthly reports, the Dallas-based company will begin using a software system called iSolve that enables flight attendants to address small in-flight issues as they arise before your plane's wheels safely touch down in MCO or BNA.

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Currently, it's unclear how many miles will be granted for various situations, though a company spokesperson did say that it depends on the issue and its severity. Regardless, be sure to let your Aunt Su and her Eternally Cursed Tray Table and Overhead Reading Light know about this encouraging development.