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Whether you've got an Amazon Rewards Visa Card and Alexa is practically a family member or you only frequent a few times a year, chances are you've spent more than a few dollars with the E-commerce giant. So, how's a guy or gal to keep more green in their digital wallet?

For savvy shoppers, the ways are numerous. In a recent article on The Kitchn, Caroline Biggs examined 8 Little Ways You're Leaving Money on the Table When You Shop on Amazon. Here are two of our favorites, along with one bonus strategy you'll love using on the regular.

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1. Forgo speedy two-day shipping.

If your order isn't timely (read: last-minute birthday gifts or household essentials), chances are, you can wait a few extra days to receive it. "Amazon Prime members who opt for no-rush shipping when they check out (instead of free two-day shipping) will score rewards for discounts on future Amazon purchases," explains Biggs. "As soon as the item ships, a credit (usually about five bucks) automatically posts to your account (and towards your next big Amazon order)."

2. Use "Subscribe & Save."

Have you heard about this handy tab on Amazon? "Amazon's Subscribe & Save function won't just save you lots of time, it'll also save you mucho cash. Kind of like a digital grocery list, Subscribe & Save allows you to sign up for recurring deliveries of products you know you'll need ahead of time — like toothpaste or kitchen trash bags — usually at a discounted rate," writes Biggs.

3. Befriend the "$10 & Under with Free Shipping" Department

Looking for unique gifts, cool clothing, jewelry, home decor, personal care products, and more? Venture to the $10 and Under section where a regularly rotating cast of neat items await. For even less if you use that Amazon Rewards Visa Card, of course...