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Southern Living Amazon Private Label Brands
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

With the markets on everything from music to toilet paper cornered, Amazon is everywhere you look these days. And thanks to 70-plus private-label brands, it's staking claim in areas places you'd never expect to see the retail giant flourishing.

According to Recode, Amazon has "gone on a private-label rampage," releasing at least 60 of its own brands — predominantly in the clothing, shoes and jewelry categories—since the start of 2017 alone. By effectively cutting out the middleman, Amazon is able to sell trendy, in-demand products for a fraction of the typical cost.

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Though AmazonBasics is the Seattle-based company's most well known private label, it's far from alone. See below for some of Amazon most popular private labels, both secret and not-so secret:

  • Coastal Blue: for affordable and stylish swimwear.
  • Pinzon: shop from high-quality sheets, towels, blankets and more.
  • Stone & Beam: a wide selection of charming, reasonably priced décor for the Fixer Upper set.
  • Lark & Ro: plenty of office-friendly clothing options for wallet-conscious ladies.
  • Happy Belly: trail mix, nuts and coffee, oh my!
  • The Fix: fashionable footwear at Amazon prices.
  • Scout + Ro: cute threads for kids of all sizes.