Thanks to some smart tech, fretting about a package sitting on your porch all day may become a thing of the past.

Amazon has got you covered for your kids' Christmas toys. Amazon also has your back when it comes to some awesome high-tech gadgets for adults. Now, the tech giant is making moves beyond parents and kiddos to befriend...your car.

That's right. The e-commerce platform is said to be working with Phrame, the first so-called smart license plate system. Reportedly, the partnership would allow car owners to grant remote access to their car keys, which are housed in Phrame's lock box. Say you're expecting a very important Disney Castles Puzzle delivery. Simply grant access to Amazon's dispatched delivery staff and—voilà—he or she can safely place your package in the trunk of your car.

Given the rampant spread of "porch pirates," the technology would reduce package theft and keep your orders in a secure place until you can pick them up.

Meanwhile, the company is also reported to be in talks for creating their own smart doorbell device. The doorbell would allow delivery personnel one-time access to enter a customer's home to drop off packages without risk of deliveries being swiped from the doorstep.

One can only hope either of these magical new services arrive in time for the holidays.