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Amazon Logo in Headquarters
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With no fanfare, ecommerce giant Amazon, has launched a "$10 and Under With Free Shipping" collection, and it's exactly as amazing as you'd expect it to be. The "store's" categories are currently broken into the following sections: All, Women's, Men's, Electronics, Gifts, Home Decor, Household, Watches, and Hello 2018! which features everything from party-ready gold confetti balloons to a shimmery throw pillows.

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For sure, it's no Magnolia Market, but the cheap price points sure do entice, and you can find everything from fake floral bouquets to iPhone cases. For now, you can't search the sections—you simply have to scroll through a virtually endless hodgepodge of goodies. But hey, we can think of worse uses of our time than discovering the $6 heart-shaped measuring spoons we didn't know we needed.