Millions of Americans now qualify for this hefty discount.

By Meghan Overdeep
March 08, 2018
Southern Living Amazon Prime Medicaid Discount
Bloomberg/Getty Images

Good news for shoppers on a tight budget: Amazon has opened its discounted $5.99-a-month Prime membership to Medicaid recipients—all 72 million of them.

The wallet-friendly $5.99-a-month price compares to the regular $12.99 pay-by-month option and is nearly $30 cheaper than the $99-annual-fee plan, The Washington Post reports. Amazon previously offered the same discount to people receiving food stamps or other government assistance through an Electronic Benefit Transfer card.

Avi Greengart, an industry analyst at GlobalData, told the Post that the discount could be helpful to Medicaid recipients with medical issues who can't make it to the store to buy heavy items, or who can't afford to spend more than $25 on every order to qualify for free shipping.

"They are enabling people who otherwise would be priced out," said Greengart.

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In addition to two-day shipping, Medicaid receipts will also have access to Prime's other game-changing perks, including access to the retail giant's popular video and music streaming services.

People can sign up for the discounted Prime membership by going to and uploading an image of their Medicaid or E.B.T. cards.