Talk about a hero! Right, ladies?

By Meghan Overdeep
June 07, 2018
Viral Amazon Delivery Doormat
Credit: Facebook/Vanessa O'Shea

An Amazon deliveryman from Texas is going viral after his adorable act of obedience was caught on camera last week.

Vanessa O'Shea's surveillance system filmed the man approaching the front door of her Haslet and then stopping dead in his tracks when he noticed the phrase on the doormat.

"Please hide packages from husband," O'Shea's novelty mat reads.

The camera recorded the unidentified deliveryman dutifully locating a "hiding spot" behind a chair on the front porch in an attempt to conceal it from the man of the house.

O'Shea told News4Jax that she got the fun doormat at Kirkland's. The plan was going great until her husband received the doorbell notification on his phone.

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"My husband actually got the ring doorbell notification that someone was at the front door," O'Shea said.

"We were at dinner and we're both cracking up," she recalled. "He gets an A for effort."

Realizing the hilarity of the moment, O'Shea shared a photo of her doormat and the video of the deliveryman on social media In less than a week, the post has gotten more than 43k likes and been shared upwards of 193k times.

"Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages!" she captioned the post.

Talk about a hero! Right, ladies?