This Alexa commercial gives us all the hope we need.
Austin Skyline
Credit: John Coletti/Getty Images

The race for Amazon's second headquarters is alive and blazing along full-speed ahead. Will it be Chicago? Columbus, Ohio? Dallas? Atlanta? Newark?

Or how about...Austin? We're trying hard not to read into things too deeply, but we can't help but wonder if the new Amazon Alexa Super Bowl commerical, which dropped yesterday, is a subtle hint that HQ2 is landing in Bat City. The new ad kicks off with Alexa reciting the weather: "In Austin, it's 60 degrees with a cha—"

Of course, the folks on Amazon's creative team could have picked any city in the world to start things off. And yet...

We know we should Keep Calm and Prime On, but we can't help but postulate that this may be a subtle clue that the e-commerce behometh wanted to emit to the masses. After the failed weather report, Alexa then starts coughing and the theme for the ad—"Alexa loses her voice"—launches into action. TexasMonthly takes the hypothesis to new heights: "Furthermore, the feminized robo-voice's cough is a clear indication that she's suffering from the interminable outbreak of cedar fever. That doesn't usually hit visitors—you need a critical mass of the noxious pollen in your body before it starts affecting you—which indicates that Alexa, like Amazon, is here long-term," writer Dan Solomon humorously pens.

The article's author also postulates that the ad's inclusion of peacocks, which have a long history in Austin, and a brief skit about country music are more signs that Austin will emerge as victor in the HQ2 battle. We're loving the theory, but can't help but wonder: How does fellow Texas finalist, Dallas, feel about all this? "In Dallas, it's 63 degrees with a chance of winning," Big D Alexa croons.