We'll see you in Cookie-Cocoa-ville.
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Milano Amaretto Hot Cocoa Flavored
Credit: Milano

This year has been ripe with absentminded cookie-eating. Watching Hallmark movie #101 on the couch, taking a bubble bath just because, sneaking into the pantry after you brush your teeth. Post-breakfast dessert. Pre-lunch treat. Late-night snack. It all calls for a cookie, and pile them on high.

But rather than reach for an average cookie, this holiday season, we can't wait to get our hands on the new Pepperidge Farm Amaretto Hot Cocoa Flavored Milano cookies Definitely a wintry dream come true for enthusiasts of Milano cookies and hot chocolate sippers, the limited-time offering has already started hitting grocery store aisles, and will be available in seven-ounce bags for a suggested retail price of $3.89 at supermarkets nationwide—including Target for just $2.99—early this month. (For another seasonal delight, we're also fans of the Milano Candy Cane cookies.)

Per a media spokesperson, "Amaretto Hot Cocoa Flavored Milano is made to satisfy your most indulgent hot cocoa cravings, featuring rich dark chocolate and almond flavor perfectly concealed between two crisp, delicate cookies for a holiday me-time must-have." We also hear they pair pretty excellently with a little amaretto-spiked hot cooca for dipping purposes. As the statement continues, "Paired with a warm beverage or enjoyed on their own, Milano drink-inspired flavor lineup, including Irish Cream and Caramel Macchiato flavors, offer a sophisticated twist on beloved seasonal beverages."

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Some days, you feel like whipping up holiday cookies from scratch. Some days, prying open a bag and digging in is about all your bandwitch can accomodate. When a sweets hankering hits and you're in the latter mood, reach for these amaretto-flavored treats and indulge. Whether you're pairing these cookies with Hallmark movie #102 or need a little snack to make that bubble bath a little more luxurious, they won't dissapoint. We'll see you in Cookie-Cocoa-ville.