Watch Alton Brown's Entertaining and Informative Video on Handwashing

The Good Eats host may even elicit a laugh or two during this tough time.

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With the rampant spread of coronavirus, you've likely brushed up on the proper way to wash your hands, per the CDC's guidelines to help prevent the disease from spreading. Now, resident food nerd Alton Brown is here to provide us with a bit of humorous relief in the form of a handwashing video.

"As we stand on the precipice of annihilation, I just want to say I'm happy that somebody finally wants to talk about handwashing. I've been wanting to do a handwashing video for years, but everybody was like, 'oh no, hygiene is boring, do cheese pulls!'" Brown begins his instructional video on the nitty-gritty of handwashing. "Well what do you think is going to save us now? Cheese pulls? Nano robots? Lasers? Hot yoga? I don't think so. What might just save us is the yardstick of civilization: Soap!"

In the clip, Brown launches into a short lecture about how properties in soap—called amphiphiles—can effectively kill many different types of bacteria and viruses. He also breaks down the difference between bar and liquid soap, his personal handwashing routine, and why proper drying is so important. Watch the full video, complete with Brown's signature and much-needed sense of humor, and you may just feel a little more excited about washing your hands.

Worth noting: While a respected chef, Brown is in no way a medical expert, so always consult with a health professional and/or visit the CDC's guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19) at its online resource center here for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the spread of coronavirus.

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Off we go to whistle happy birthday—or hum "Jolene"—and wash our hands now.

What humorous outlets are you enjoying to keep you grounded during this difficult time? We'd love to hear from you.

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