Alton Brown Is Selling Signed "Chicken with Bowler" Prints From His Show for $35

Get a piece of Good Eats decor for your own home.

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Every time we step into the kitchen these days, we have two thoughts: How can we involve melting potatoes in our menu planning and how can we be more like Alton Brown?

But really though, between crispy potatoes and the Good Eats: Reloaded host's culinary brilliance, there's not much more we could ask for in the cooking realm. Well, perhaps there is one thing: That chicken with a bowler hat painting fans of Good Eats and Good Eats: Reloaded likely recall being displayed on almost every episode of the show. Now available on Alton Brown's online shop for $35 + $5 for shipping in the U.S. and Canada, the "Chicken with Bowler" poster comes signed by the celebrity chef. According to the item's description, it sounds like the print won't be around for long: "Bring the infamous Chicken with Bowler painting from the set of Good Eats into your home. Each limited edition color poster has been individually signed in ink by Alton Brown and is ready for display in your favorite frame." Worth noting: The print comes unframed.

Measuring 24-by-24 inches, the playful print, inspired by surrealist painter René Magritte, will definitely grab attention wherever you hang it in your home. The estimated shipping date for the piece is late February, so you've still got plenty of time after you order to decide on the best place to display it and free up a wall in your home for its arrival.

While this fantastical piece may not be for everyone, Brown devotees will surely relish this poster if you need some gift inspiration for the Good Eats obsessives in your life. (Okay, and perhaps yourself, too.)

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What do you think of this print? Are you going to order one? We're thinking it may be a welcome addition to our reading nook, which if you're anything like us, is filled with many, many food-related tomes and cookbooks.

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