Alton Brown Has An Entire Wall of Cast Iron Pans in His Marietta Kitchen

Such a smart space-saving idea.

Alton Brown always seems to have a trick up his sleeve, whether he's helping us brew better coffee or teaching us the many joys of a bench scraper. Recently, Atlanta magazine took a tour of his Marietta, Georgia, loft that he shares with his wife, interior designer Elizabeth Ingram. She spearheaded the home's design. Now, we can't get enough of this funky, inviting space. While we might not be able to renovate our own abodes with exposed brick, a stunning master bathtub, and art-filled bookshelves by tomorrow, there's one design move we're definitely stealing: Hanging our cast iron skillets on the kitchen wall.

Alton Brown NYC
Getty / Brad Barket / Stringer

"The kitchen is more like a hobby corner, and it's composed of all my favorite materials: wood, rock, steel," Alton told Atlanta of the space, and we love how the display of his pots and pans is both functional and also fashionable. In lieu of a typical kitchen backsplash, the wall of cast iron skillets displays Brown's collection of cookware, showcasing his beloved vintage Griswold skillets. As The Kitchn pointed out, Brown is a huge fan of the now defunct Pennsylvania manufacturer that made beautiful cast iron kitchen tools.

If you'd like to tour Brown and Ingram's entire loft, check out Atlanta's article here. The home tour has definitely motivated us to add some more greenery to our space and put some of our most prized cast iron skillets on display (bonus: think of all the cabinet space you'll free up!).

So spill your best advice with us: What's your favorite kitchen design tip? Are you all about showing off Mamaw's cast iron skillet on the wall or do you have a different way to store your cookware? What do you think of Brown and Ingram's space?

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