The Jernigan family bought almost 1,500 shoes.

Kids with Shoes on Ledge
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There's no feeling like helping others.

At the end of May, Alma, Arkansas resident Carrie Jernigan was inspired by her oldest daughter to buy a pair of shoes for a boy in need while on a family outing to Payless in Fort Smith. "She has the biggest heart, and she said, 'There is a boy in my class who loves Avengers, and his shoes are too small, could you buy him these?,' and I was like 'of course,'" Jernigan told Little Rock's THV 11.

"As I was checking out, I just said, 'how much for the rest of the shoes in the store?' almost joking, and then I could see the clerk's face, her wheels start to turn." The clerk asked for Jernigan's phone number. Later that day, Jernigan received a call from the district manager offering her the opportunity to buy out the rest of the store before it closed.

Jernigan seized the charitable opportunity and the family was able to purchase nearly 1,500 shoes to help their local community. "You know, I always tell my kids if you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they say, 'be kind.' I don't care what they do in life as long as they're kind and good people," Jernigan said. "It just reiterates to me that their hearts are in the right place and if it's in the right place they can do amazing things." Watch the full video clip below.

Since the family now has so many pairs of shoes, they've opted to hold an event to give them to those in need at Alma Middle School Gym at 2:00pm on August 10th. They'll be partnering with Kibler Baptist Church for the giveaway and also handing out free school supplies.

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We're so moved by this sweet story of one family pitching in to help their neighbors and community put their best foot forward — pun intended.