We've all been there, little guy.

By Meghan Overdeep
September 19, 2017
Fulshear Police

Kids do the darndest things!

One adolescent alligator found himself in a tight spot when he got stuck in a hog wire fence in Fulshear, Texas on Sunday. The adorable little guy seems to have been under the impression that he's much skinnier than he actually is (we feel you!), and got his cute midsection stuck in the fence when he tried to squeeze through it that afternoon.

Luckily the Fulshear Police Department was willing to help the failed contortionist. Officers Henry and Looney responded to the scene and were able to free rogue reptile, but not before he tried to repay them with a few kisses. Yikes!

"Everyone needs a little help from their friends now and then. This includes reptiles," the department wrote on Facebook alongside a photo the scaly little explorer. "This gator thought he was skinnier than he was (haven't we all) and attempted to squeeze through the fence, getting caught in the process."

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The post continued: "The gator wanted to give them a kiss for helping, but they respectfully denied his advances."

Fingers crossed this little ‘gator stays far away from fences in the future… especially if he's had a big lunch!