"I'm wiser and better for the experiences," the new alumna of LeMoyne-Owen College says.
Alison Turner
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If you need a dose of Monday Motivation, consider Alison Turner, a 59-year-old Memphis woman who just graduated from LeMoyne-Owen College with three degrees.

It's been a long climb to her triumphant success. Turner graduated Hamilton High School in 1978, decades before most students currently matriculated in college were even born. Now, more than 40 years later, she has earned not one, not two, but three degrees: An Associate of Arts in general studies, a Bachelor of Arts in music, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in management, all with the Cum Laude designation. In total, LeMoyne-Owen College conferred 156 bachelor and four associate degrees to graduates on Saturday, May 11th. That means 1.875% of the total degrees awarded were Turner's.

The road to her accomplishments have been paved with many setbacks ranging from lack of funds to pay tuition, to a fall that left her severely injured. "I'm wiser and better for the experiences," Turner said in a press release from the college. Over the years, Turner also took classes at University of Memphis and Christian Brothers University, before enrolling at LeMoyne-Owen College in 2014.

And if you're curious as to why Turner opted to go for three degrees in distinct fields of studies? "Over the course of time," she said, in the same statement, "it started with one thing and my interests just grew."

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Congratulations to Alison Turner and her friends and family on this joyous occasion.

And you thought you couldn't tackle your itsy bitsy Monday to-do list?