Texas Father-Daughter Duo Share a Music Video and Lift Our Quarantined Spirits

Mom makes a cameo too!

Ali and Michael Hoffman
Photo: Ali Hoffman

For several weeks now, Americans have mostly been staying home in an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of the coronavirus. The countless unknowns and ever-changing information regarding this global pandemic are stressful and scary. Distraction from the gravity of reality isn’t just welcome, it’s necessary.

The Internet has become the saving grace of our sanity during this prolonged period of home confinement as it has provided hours upon hours of endless entertainment. From catching a Broadway show from the couch, to being able to escape the confines of our homes for a virtual garden walk, we have all turned to our devices to distract us from the reality of this health crisis. One Texas family saw this need and they have dutifully answered the call to provide a momentary distraction full of joy.

Ali Hoffman is self-isolating at home with her parents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Hoffman is the youth minister at St. Catherine of Siena church in Carrollton, her father Michael is a motivational speaker, and her mom, Michele owns a landscape business. Now, they are all working from home, together. Her siblings are self-isolating in their own homes. Hoffman spoke with Southern Living earlier this week and admitted with a laugh, that while she is incredibly close with her parents, the constant togetherness does lead them to “get on each other’s nerves,” from time to time, but mostly they are adjusting to this new normal fairly well. And they knew that they wanted to find some way to help others cope too.

After two weeks of self-quarantine at home, Ali and her parents were realizing that this is going to be a while and that it’s pretty serious. She said they sat together to discuss “how can we be a little source of light?” “And we’re like, you know what we do? We dance. And so, this is our gift. People can take care of the science-y things, we’ll do what we know how to do,” she said with a laugh. Ali and her dad did just that. They made a joyful dance video where her mom even makes a cameo. It’s clear that the Hoffman family is making the most of this situation and hoping they will help keep others in good spirits.

It worked. The response has been far greater than they could have ever imagined. When we spoke early in the week, there were already 10 million views, including many famous faces. Pop singer, Andy Grammer, known for his positive pop tunes, shared the video on his Instagram. The dad of one little girl and another on the way captioned the video, “This is the father daughter relationship I aspire to.”

The Hoffmans have been blown away by the response. Ali said, “That is just so cool that so many people are relating to this and not only the fun, joy, aspect of it in quarantine time, but also the father/daughter, like family relationship, I think people are really drawn to. And they see joy in how you can have fun as a parent.” She also pointed out that her great relationship with her parents and the ability to find the light in such dark times comes from much more than just a viral moment. “They always instilled in us {that} your family is always for you. They’ll always be behind you.”

Anxiety is high on many fronts for the whole world right now, but the Hoffman family hopes they have helped, even just a little bit. “This is a time where, you’re seeing it all over the world, really, its people stepping up and loving louder than they normally would. So hopefully you don’t need a viral dancing kitchen video to have an impact. That you’ve been given people in place in your life for a reason, so how can you love them louder? And just be a light in this world in this dark time where there’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of unrest, a lot of questions of what’s gonna happen. A lot of suffering and trials so how can we just continue to hope and continue to be light in this world.”

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Indeed, we do. Bravo, Hoffman family.

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