'Virgin River' 's Alexandra Breckenridge Explains Why We're All So Obsessed with the Series

“Sometimes you really want something that’s just basic and cozy."

Netflix original series Virgin River is the captivating, comforting kind of show that is so good you almost want to savor one episode every other week or so just to make the show last longer. Well, until you throw caution to the wind and treat yourself to a Virgin River weekend-long marathon to knock off seasons one and two of the streaming sensation.

The show lays on the Hallmark tropes heavy, but during these strange and uncertain days, we are A-OK with a little corniness, a little predictable scandal, and a whole lot of intertwining love stories, not to mention the jaw-dropping scenery of the small fictional town of Virgin River (the show was actually filmed in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.)


Recently, the show's leading lady, Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays the nurse practitioner Mel with total can-we-be-best-friends energy, spoke with Huffington Post about what gives the show its appeal. "Sometimes you don't want to watch something that's gonna really take you down some kind of analytical path," Breckenridge told the news outlet. "Sometimes you really want something that's just basic and cozy — a beautiful small town where people fall in love. Emotions are heightened right now and this show provides the perfect sort of soft landing and entertainment for people dealing with loss or going through what they're going through [with the coronavirus pandemic]."

For an added jolt of comfort food television, we also love that "Doc" Mullins on Virgin River —played by the actor Tim Matheson — is basically reprising his role from The CW's hit show, Hart of Dixie.

And okay, pull our arm, Martin Henderson taking on the part of army veteran turned bar owner, Jack Sheridan, is always a dream to watch. Cuteness, coziness, and crazy-beautiful views: What more could you ask a show to have?

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