Alex Drummond Shares That She's Working Full-Time for Her Mama Ree Drummond

Plus, The Pioneer Woman announces that her newest book will be about her life on the Drummond family ranch in Pawhuska.

It's been an exciting summer for Ree Drummond's oldest daughter, Alex Drummond. The 23-year-old recently announced that she's working for her mother Ree full-time and just this past weekend, she got engaged to her boyfriend Mauricio.

Last week, Alex took over The Pioneer Woman Magazine's Instagram account to bring fans into her family world in Pawhuska and share the exciting news that she's officially employed by her mama.

Mercantile Storefront
The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

In a series of Instagram Stories videos, Alex explained that she had been living in Dallas, Texas, after graduating from Texas A&M last year, but is now back in Pawhuska where she's working for her mom, helping her out with her Food Network show and other aspects of her business.

After giving viewers these updates, she embarks on a tour of the beautiful Butterfly Room in her parents' Boarding House hotel in downtown Pawhuska, an eight-room "Cowboy luxury" inn. Next, Alex journeys down the hall to another room where she surprises her mom, Ree, who is hard at work (and color coordinating her pink blouse to her face mask!).

On what, you wonder? "It's my book, it's going to be coming out in November...I'm writing a book about life on the ranch over the past 25 years, so it takes focus," Drummond reveals. Needless to say, we can't wait for more updates on that front.

Once the duo say goodbye, Alex meets up with her sister Paige at The Merc (the Drummond's family restaurant-and-general store) for a meal, followed by an excursion back to the Drummond household and quality time with the family dogs. Trust us when we say these pups could not be any cuter.

For the final stop, Alex gives viewers a look inside The Lodge where The Pioneer Woman is filmed and the breathtaking vistas from the patio. You can check out Alex's entire tour on @thepioneerwomanmag's saved highlight stories.

Have you ventured to Pawhuska before? What was your favorite thing to see or do (or eat!) in town?

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