Alex Drummond Reveals She’s Having 2 Wedding Cakes on Mama Ree’s Website

Two is certainly better than one!

As her wedding day to fiancé Mauricio Scott approaches, Alex Drummond is sharing more details about their upcoming May nuptials.

Ree Drummond's oldest daughter, who announced her engagement over the summer, recently spoke with The Pioneer Woman website about what she and her intended have planned for the big day, including the fact that they're have not one but two, cakes.

Ree Drummond

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

"We're doing a big wedding cake and a groom's cake, and so the wedding cake is just going to be a tall white cake with flowers down it and it's going to be half vanilla, half strawberry," Alex, 23, revealed. "We sampled the flavors, and they're so good."

As for Mauricio's cake, well, it certainly captures his interests.

"For me, my idea is a football jersey, and then half is going to be A&M and half is going to be Steelers," he said. "Because if you know me, you know that I went to A&M and you know that I love the Steelers.

The couple, who met while attending Texas A&M, also divulged their pretty spring color scheme.

"Our colors are blues and pinks but not pastel, gender reveal party vibes," Alex told the website. "I try to clarify that, because it's not like pastel blue and pastel pink."

"It's pretty bright pinks and blues," she added. Y'all will see! We're going to have lots of flowers."

Sounds gorgeous AND delicious!

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